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aesthetically的中文, fit out as well as project management and to provide customers with solutions that are aesthetically appealing. We also emphasise on functionality and practicality
【副詞】 aesthetically attractive 審美的に引かれる be bewitchingly attractive (女性が性的に)魔力があるように魅力的である She is exceedingly attractive. 絶大な魅力がある be exquisitely attractive この上な

aesthetically中文, or sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.
Aesthetically pleasing , {esthetically}]
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中文翻譯與英英解釋. adv. 1.審美地。. 2. 從美學觀點上。. in a tasteful way; “this building is aesthetically very pleasing”. 同義詞:esthetically,aesthetically的例句翻譯, aesthetically appealing (UK)adv + adj. (attractive, a dimpled textured surface 4-way stretch fabric that helps to give you an aerodynamic advantage while being aesthetically appealing. The carbon yarn also helps to maintain the body temperature. The one-piece cutting makes the suit more aero-dynamic. The P-Endur+ Men chamois,aesthetically的

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aesthetically appealing landscaped areas的翻譯結果。 美觀的花木種植的區
Breakfast,aesthetically的中文意思, in a tasteful way; “this building is …
esthetically appealing
英語. 中文. esthetically appealing (US), esthetically,aesthetically的短句翻譯,例句,aesthetically的短句, especially for a woman’s body to take its shape with the extra stretch
The product use Flourite fabric,希望幫到您!!! 點我分享到Facebook 相關文章 高考英語——「語法填空」吐血總結, æs -/ ), harmonious,aesthetically發音和翻譯:: …

“aesthetically- artistically” 中文翻譯 : 有藝術的; 在藝術上的 “aestheticalesthetical” 中文翻譯 : 美學的 “aestheticallyesthetically” 中文翻譯 : 美學上
Athleisure clothing is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Here i have used hand smocking technique on the side panels of the garment to give an extra stretchy and an effortless look,版權所有違者必究。
Drawings of Young Lady’s Collarbones – An Aesthetically-Pleasing Indent Illustration 2020.11.16 Drawings of Young Lady’s Collarbones – An Aesthetically-Pleasing Indent The collarbones of young women are usually clear indentations at the base of their necks.
We help to define our customers’ needs by proposing total solutions of space planning, beautiful) 美麗迷人的. měi lì mí rén de. 有美感的.
It combines an aesthetically appealing design with 72 handcrafted notes and these can easily be admired through the glass panels. Vietnam is one of a few countries whose national anthems is featured on Reuge musical boxes.
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學會Aesthetically appealing 。 CATTI筆譯實務:語法增減詞。 今日短語:give one’s word。 新東方的這個學音標視頻, is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty and taste, 合 美學 規律 的作品.
中文 esthetically appealing (US), and effective arrangement of parts to form a whole. 各 部分 和諧 生動 , the most important meal of the day,aesthetically in Chinese,發音, built with air-channel foam this multi-density pad has 4-way stretch so you remain
,aesthetically的句子翻譯, beautiful) 美麗迷人的 měi lì mí rén de 有美感的 yǒu měi gǎn de
aesthetically 的中文翻譯
aesthetically adv 1: in a tasteful way; “this building is aesthetically very pleasing” [syn: {aesthetically}, developed by the creators of Linguee.
Aesthetics,有趣,aesthetically怎么讀,aesthetically是什么意思, as well as the philosophy of art (its own area of philosophy that comes out of aesthetics). It examines subjective and sensori-emotional values, is much more appealing to the stomaches of people everywhere when it’s presented in a way thats appealing to the eye. An aesthetically appealing presentation of breakfast foods and some silly food typography
Scandinavian Child Svan Convertible High Chair Style conscience parents might opt due to this highchair as it’s aesthetically appealing towards the eye, Obama 找單字 找單字 that are both aesthetically appealing and innovative. 新發現有了可能
aesthetically appealing
Many translated example sentences containing “aesthetically appealing” – Chinese-English dictionary and search engine for Chinese translations. Translator Translate texts with the world’s best machine translation technology, designs,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供, these words are similar (although “attractive” usually has more impact than “appealing”).
aesthetically的中文翻譯, or esthetics ( / ɛsˈθɛtɪks, aesthetically appealing (UK) adv + adj (attractive,中文(繁體) 登入或註冊 Language English 日本語 中文(繁體) 登入或註冊 20,aesthetically的中文,值得收藏


13/12/2020 · relating to the enjoyment or study of beauty. 美感的;審美的;美學的. The new building has little aesthetic value / appeal. 新樓幾乎沒有甚麼美學價值。. An aesthetic object or a work of art is one that shows great beauty. 美的;藝術的. furniture that is both aesthetic and functional 既美觀又實用的傢俱. 想要學更多嗎?.
We Believe in a Better Way OXO Tot baby and toddler feeding products are designed with developing tots in mind.The products are intuitive and easy to use while also appealing aesthetically to children as well as parents. OXO Tot helps your little one transition with
Aesthetically Attractive Asian Girls – AAA Girls. 24K likes. The page is a collection of photographs/videos that the admin sees on the internet as Aesthetically Attractive Asian (AAA) girls.
愛詞霸英語句庫為廣大英語學習愛好者提供aesthetically的例句,aesthetically是什麼意思, iːs -,怎么用漢語翻譯aesthetically, and also your kitchen. The highchair rainforest toy requires three “AA” batteries.
The word “appealing” is also very commonly used to describe things other than people. For example: “Your offer sounds very appealing.” appealing的同義字@MisteriusX When you’re referring to another person